Introduction to drying in theory and practice

Corroventa Academy

Introduction to drying in theory and practice

Seminar och workshop med en introduktion till torkning och avfuktningsteknik med fokus på vattenskaderestaurering

Being able to quickly identify water damage and then determine which method is best suited for that particular damage can be crucial. But also, understanding the basics of what moisture is and how it works gives you an advantage in your daily work.

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The aim of the seminar:

This seminar fits you who is new to the industry but also the ones who has been working for many years and need repetition. We go through basic theory behind moisture and drying technology as well as try various meters for detecting water damages in different materials. The seminar covers both theory and practice in our laboratories.

You get guidance on how to identify water damages and choose the right method and machines. Thereafter you get to practically set up an installation to dry the water damage. Corroventa has laboratories in several places in Europe, each of them is adjusted to local needs and building constructions.


You will learn:

  • Drying a water damage and different building constructions and material.
  • Causes for water damage and choice of method.
  • Basics behind dehumidification- and measuring technology and drying methods.
  • History of dehumidification technology and how it has developed over the years.
  • Measuring techniques.
  • Which dehumidifier that is optimal in different environments.

Introduction to drying in theory and practice

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Welcome to our seminar "Introduction to Drying in Theory and Practice" with Corroventa Academy.

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