Corroventa Customer stories

  • Water damage on a ferry could be effectively restored with Corroventa dehumidifiers

    It was in April 2021 that the water damage occurred on a ferry in Sweden when a water pipe broke on passenger deck. Anticimex used Corroventa's dehumidifiers to restore the water damage.

  • Corroventa dehumidifies ice hockey arena in Oslo

    The ice hockey club Hasle-Løren in Norway had a bad start of the season. The ice surface in the arena had risen 15 cm leading to rims getting crooked and black mold ingestion on walls and other wooden installations. Corroventa's mobile adsorption dehumidifier A50 TD2 was delivered to dehumidify the arena.

  • Actions towards increased radon levels

    Corroventa has delivered radon extractor RS 100 to LR-Konsult & Installation. The result from the measurements that were carried out showed that most of the apartments on the ground floor had increased annual radon levels. The highest annual values were as high as 900 Bq/m3. The project was carried out in Linköping, Sweden.

  • Radon decontamination in Tranås, Sweden with Corroventa’s RS 100

    Knowledge about the dangers of radon has increased around the world in the past years. Corroventa has delivered a number of radon extractors RS100 to the damage restoration company Corvara in Tranås that are currently working on decontaminating the area Ekmarksberg.

  • Efficient bed bugs sanitation with Corroventa’s professional heating system H4 ES

    With the H4 ES system Corroventa achieved an efficient bed bugs sanitation of a former refugee acommodation. After close to 200 treatments, the building is finally free from pests.

  • Building dehumidification with the A50 TD2 from Corroventa

    Stenmarks Bygg AB are currently building the new Skogsbäcken’s preschool in Lidköping, Sweden. The construction has been ongoing since August 2017 and is expected to be finished in November 2018. Corroventas large, mobile adsorption dehumidifier A50 TD2 was successfully drying the construction.

  • Condensing dryers from Corroventa contribute to a healthy hospital environment

    The warm and humid climate that Sweden experienced during the summer of 2018 has contributed to an increase in the humidity indoors as well. Corroventa has delivered machines from the ES-family to several hospitals in the Nordic countries.

  • Customer testimonial Frank Wiegand, ReMax direkt

    Frank Wiegand from ReMax direkt talks about his experiences of working with Corroventa products and solutions.

  • Customer testimonial Olaf Händler, Händler Trocknungsservice

    Händler Trocknungsservice has been working with Corroventa for four years. Olaf Händler explains why they choose to work with Corroventa