A2 and A4 – New adsorption dehumidifiers with analogue controls

  • Corroventa is launching the A2 and A4, two new adsorption dehumidifiers with next generation design and analogue controls.

    A2 and A4 can be set to two different capacity modes, high and low speed, which makes them very energy efficient and versatile for different drying tasks.

    The adsorption dehumidifiers use high quality components, including an energy efficient and self-regulating PTC heater.

    They are small and compact, yet among the most effective on the market. Like all of Corroventa’s product range, the new adsorption dehumidifiers have top class performance, quality, ergonomics and reliability.

    An adsorption dehumidifier is the best solution for drying in unheated environments or when water has penetrated deep into a structure. A2 and A4 are analogue and are the ideal choice for anyone who prefers manual control.

    With the launch of the new adsorption dehumidifiers, our XT machines will be phased out. We will stop taking orders for the CTR 150XT, 300XT and 500XT on March 31, 2017.

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