Excellent start for Corroventa in Australia

  • The launch of Corroventa in Australia happened during ISSA SHOW in Sydney 29-30 of August. It was a successful trade show with much interest in Corroventa and the product range. There has been a demand in Australia for dehumidifiers in the premium segment for a long time and Corroventa can finally meet that demand together with the local distributor Pressure Pro.

    ”It was a fantastic trade show and we received a very good response on our innovative products. We are also very happy that we got the chance to meet potential customers, collaborators and competitors”, says Fredrick Sylva, CCO Sales & Rental at Corroventa Group.

    Corroventa’s system for monitoring and control the drying process remotely SuperVision® was nominated for an innovation price at the fair but fell near the finish line. SuperVision® is a system that can be connected to several machines. The drying process can be monitored and controlled remotely so the customer save time and money in travel costs for the technician. It also saves energy and additional costs since the system make sure to end the drying process at the exact right time.

    There are mainly products in the segment for water damage restoration where Corroventa is one of the market leaders in Europe that will be sold in Australia. Sylva adds that they got a very good impression from Australian damage restoration companies, there were many engaged visitors and Corroventa look forward to establish the brand in Australia.

    We are ready for an extensive roll-out to meet a high demand together with Pressure Pro, Sylva concludes.