Efficient bed bugs sanitation with Corroventa’s professional heating system H4 ES

  • The damage restoration company Corvara has spent 1,5 years working on bed bugs sanitation in Oskarshall, a former accommodation for newly arrived refugees in Jönköping, Sweden. After close to 200 treatments, the building is finally free from pests. The municipality contacted Corvara during spring 2017 and mentioned that they suspected bed bugs.

    Andreas Johansson, who is the project manager and work within several remediation areas at Corvara says:

    “Since it is a large, open space with only partition walls by oriented strand boards without ceiling it has been a tough challenge to eliminate the bed bugs since it easily spread between the rooms.”

    During the past months he has been working intensively with bed bugs sanitation and says that he realized that a heating system is what’s needed to succeed with this difficult task.



    They started by decontaminating one of the corners and has thereafter worked throughout the whole building with heating treatments during the days and some nights. Everything from furniture, suitcases and other textiles to refrigerators needed to be decontaminated.

    “You cannot exclude anything at that stage”, Johansson claims.

    To decontaminate movables with an insulated tent and adding heat is a modern method that is becoming more common. Methods including chemicals and gas treatments were previously used to poison pests but many of the older methods are no longer allowed from a health- and environmental standpoint.



    Due to the fact that no chemicals are being used with Corroventa’s solution, it is a simple and more environmentally friendly method.

    Kjell Wallin, who is remediation- and moisture technician at Corvara mentions several benefits with using an insulated tent for bed bugs sanitation:

    “The tent works really well, you can place everything in there and nothing will be damaged. It is also completely free from chemicals and due to the low volume from the machine we could also keep the treatment on during the nights when people were sleeping.”

    ”There was no other option, treatment with the heating system with the tent was perfect.”

    Andreas Johansson says that you learn step by step how to place the things and the sensors right to get the temperature to rise quickly. They have used e.g. coat hangers and wire baskets to get a better circulation of the warm air.

    User-friendliness is another benefit that Johansson emphasize:

    “It is very user-friendly to carry and you manage to set up the system on one person only.”

    ”To use this system together with SuperVision is great. We save much time on not having to visit the work site. You can work with other projects and simultaneously follow the process from your cell phone.” 



    Corroventa’s method for bed bugs sanitation includes a H4 ES heater, with remote control through SuperVision®, sensors and an insulating tent with accompanying floor insulation and tent frame where you place the furniture and other movables. The system has few components and is therefore simple to both set up and use. The insulating tent and its case have been designed to ensure maximum discretion, with hotel guests and neighbors in mind. The system’s effective heater will raise the temperature in the tent where the treatment occur. It is the high temperature that kills the pests.

    The method is not only reliable and efficient to reach a result. The whole system is also designed to minimize energy consumption and rationalize operation with automation and remote control.


    Some of the benefits with H4 ES:

    • Free from chemicals
    • Rapid bed bugs sanitation due to the double boost effect and the well-insulated tent.
    • After-cooling: Once the process is complete, the fan continues to run for an additional hour in order to steadily reduce the temperature. This helps to protect furniture from the effects of a sudden change in temperature.
    • The heater is a member of the ES-family and can be controlled and monitored remotely with SuperVision®
    • Low noise level
    • User-friendly and discreet
    • No risk of the problem spreading to other rooms



    With SuperVision® the process can be controlled, monitored and checked remotely using a computer, mobile phone or tablet. This enables considerably more assignments to be carried out simultaneously, while reducing the amount of travel engineers are required to do to monitor the process on site. SuperVision® gives total control of the sanitation process and saves time, money and reduce energy consumption at the same time as the process is being documented.



    Corvara is one of the leading actors in Sweden within damage restoration and sanitation with around 150 employees in ten offices around Sweden. The company are specialists within their areas of operations: sanitation of fire- and water damages for property owners and insurance companies as well as service of properties. Corvara is part of the Scandinavian group SSG AS. Read more on their website www.corvara.se