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Dehumidfication of ice hockey arena in Oslo

Improved climate in the ice hockey arena after dehumidification

Løren Arena Oslo

After a warm and somewhat wet Summer, the Ice hockey club Hasle-Løren In Norway had a bad start of the season. The ice in the arena, that was planned to housing an Ice hockey camp for 70 excited players in the beginning of August, had risen 15 cm on one side that led to rims getting crooked and the door to the ice machine was about to get distroyed. The high humidity in the arena (85-90 %RH), had also led to black mold ingestion on walls and other wooden installations.

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The municipality in Oslo decided to close the ice hockey arena on August 2. The camp got cancelled and all teams that were about to start the season got moved to other arenas in the region. The municipality calculated the arena to be ready by the end of September.

8th of August the restoration project started and Corroventa’s mobile adsorption dehumidifier A50 TD2 got the difficult and demanding task to dehumidify the arena.

This is an old arena and we have had problems with high air-humidity and the foundation in previous years. We usually bring in the ice in the middle of April and since the season is on hold until August, the arena has always had natural dehumidification.

“Due to the warm and humid outdoor climate in combination with a cold indoor climate, we didn’t manage to maintain a necessary level of natural dehumidification, therefore we had all these damages that needed emergency measures. Because of the amazing job that A50 TD2 did, it was barely a week before the relative humidity had decreased to a level of 60-65 %RH and with the help of the dehumidifier’s 12 kW extra heater, the foundation started to get back to normal” says Lørenhallen’s operations manager Torbjørn Elshøy.


I don’t believe we ever had his pleasant air in the arena in the 25 years that I have been working here. In addition, the machine has been very dependable, the only thing we have done Is changed the filter. The A50 TD2 literally sprays out water from the wet air hose and we get very dry air in return, this is great!


Elshøy also exaplains that the machine is ideal in the period for new ice when they usually have very high air-humidity and problems with condensation on e.g. the plexiglass. He didn’t believe that the dehumidifier could manage the difficult task to keep an even level of humidity and therefore ensure that they could get the arena ready in such short amount of time and get all players on ice on September 9. “We are all so happy for that”, concludes the operations manager Torbjørn Elshøy.


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About Adsorption dehumidifier A50 TD2

A50 TD2 is a highly efficient mobile adsorption dehumidifier for large and demanding work. A50 TD2 is ideal for the dehumidification of large new-builds, as well as renovations or emergency action such as drying in connection with fires and floods. A50 TD2 has a dry air flow of up to 4300 m3/h and is equipped with additional heater. It is extremely user-friendly and contains all the necessary equipment for large drying jobs. The machine can be located both indoors and outdoors.