#MeetCorroventa: David Hill Technical Manager, UK

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    We are about 70 people working for Corroventa throughout Europe and you will now get to know us better with the #MeetCorroventa concept; a series of interviews with employees from the Corroventa Group. Our first Corroventa ambassador is David Hill who is technical manager at Corroventa Ltd in Manchester, UK.

    How long you have worked for Corroventa?

    I’ve had the pleasure of been a Corroventa team member for nine years and four months so far.

    Can you describe a regular day at work? 

    This is difficult as one phone call or email can change the entire day, so I will keep it simple. The first thing I do is having a coffee and talk to Neale and Vilhelm about anything from our home life, then I will setup my laptop and check emails for any orders that need to be processed, if we have quite a few orders to go out of either rental or sales, then I will assist in getting these done.

    As most people know about me I’m a big believer in social media so I will spend 15 minutes exploring what is going on in the world or contribute with a post on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

    Quite a bit of my time is taken up by assisting our great customers either on the phone or via emails, I have built up many great relationships with customers over my time here and they trust my advice that I offer them. Yes, they know I sell quality equipment but they also know that the advice I offer is an honest one and we bounce ideas of each other to come up with solutions to the issues they face.

    Do you have a special memory at Corroventa that you would like to share?

    I have many but the obvious memory is the Corroventa team winning the BDMA 2019 supplier of the year! It is great to be recognised by our industry.

    The Corroventa UK team at the BDMA Awards 2019

    One of my fondest memories goes back 20 years ago to 1999 when I worked for a restoration company Called DRL. Myself and a few other great people were invited to the Corroventa factory for a seminar, here we were introduced to the Corroventa founder Dr. Knut Claesson and Mr Ian Poole. The couple of days spent there at the factory changed my entire approach to drying and the things I learnt back then, I still teach today but with a modern twist.

    Another great memory is when me and Nick Lea were invited to walk around a multi million pound site, I can’t mention where but due to the knowledge we have, we were asked to give our opinion. We walked around for hours in the cold, lots of questions were put to us and at the end of the meeting I realised I didn’t actually say much that day, Nick had taken charge of the entire day. This was a really proud moment for me to watch where he had come from in technical terms, it just blew me away.

    I have many other great customer memories, most of these are actually when I go out assisting a customer and they remember these years down the line and bring it up in a conversation.

    What is the best part about working for Corroventa?

    It has to be the team! We all get along very well and enjoy our work and this shows when we are all together at events.

    Can you tell us something that we don’t know about you?

    My background is in the hotel industry. This may shock a few people but it was mainly the beverage side of the business, whilst in this I had the pleasure of tasting well over 250 different malt whiskey from all over the world. I also learnt to appreciate wine and went on several courses on wine and produced the entire wine list for the hotel and this will come as no shock to many but it has to be a glass of Shiraz Red wine.

    Apart from family time and weekends away in London my next passion is F1 and I spend many hours reading up on the latest news, watching the build-up and the races. I don’t necessarily follow the team, for me it’s the driver and their style that interests me. In recent years this has been Lewis Hamilton and before him it was Juan Pablo Montoya. I think we can draw similarities with each other as with Lewis Hamilton, most people see him as the world champion and it was him alone who wins the races, but what they don’t see are the group of individuals. Like back at the factory at Corroventa, we have the production line staff, research and development team, accountants, office staff, warehouse/ logistics and then our very own Toto Wolf The Corroventa CEO Mr Per Ekdahl. We all contribute to the success and do our best every day to serve our customers.

    David is an experienced seminar leader at Corroventa Academy. 


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    Email: david.hill@corroventa.com
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