Congratulations to Marcus on his diploma!

  • The key to successful product development

    To be able to develop products that continue meeting the needs of our customers, it is crucial for us to understand our customers’ daily life, their challenges and of course the external factors affecting the market. The water damage restoration industry is strongly linked to the construction industry, a sector that is in constantly evolving with an increased focus on energy and environmental aspects, This causes changes to constructions, choices of materials and methods and those changes will of course all change the nature and the characteristics of future water damages.

    With this background and motive, beginning of the year, we decided to send one of our product developers, Marcus Malmström, to attend a course held by the Moisture Research Centre of Lund University in cooperation with RISE, Research Institute of Sweden. The course we selected covers both moisture theory and calculations as well as how moisture shall be addressed and managed throughout the construction process.

    Marcus explains and summarizes his experience like this:

    “I am very pleased with the course even though it was demanding with home assignment reports and a written exam. It was great to get some further knowledge and understanding of moisture transport in materials and, at the same time, get an update on news within the construction industry. I did study construction engineering in upper secondary school but as I have come to work with completely different things, this very helpful and the course gave me new insights and new energy in my role as a product developer. End of the day, the software and electronics that I am developing shall fit in this context so it has been fantastic to get both more theory and experience as well as expanded network with people in the business.”

    We congratulate Marcus on his diploma and are proud to have one of the 161 listed moisture experts in Sweden working in our team here at Corroventa.