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Corroventa launches dehumidifier A1

  • A powerful adsorption dryer in a small format

    Since its launch in 2014, Corroventa’s adsorption dehumidifiers A2 and A4 have been widely appreciated by Europe’s humidification technicians. Energy efficiency and performance in a quiet and user-friendly design are among the most appreciated benefits.

    In our close cooperation with our partners, we have seen an increase in the demand for a smaller adsorption dehumidifier. Corroventa is now expanding the range by launching our smallest adsorption dehumidifier A1 which is just like all our products designed to make our customers’ everyday lives easier. Durable and reliable with low weight makes the dehumidifier easy to transport and handle. A smart accessory is the shoulder strap which further facilitates movement and make your hands available to carry other equipment for the drying job.

    A1 has a powerful and quiet EC-fan which provides a dry air flow of 140 m³/h and the dehumidifier is equipped with an outlet for a hygrostat to control the dehumidification. Like A2 and A4, A1 has a self-regulating PTC-heater and a MID-approved kWh meter so the technician easily can report the actual energy consumption for each drying job.

    A1 is designed to effectively dehumidify in small and confined spaces. We have seen a clear need for a small, user-friendly and efficient dehumidifier in the market and are now happy to meet the need with A1.
    – Mårten Larsson, Chief Commercial Officer, Corroventa Group

    A1 is available to order. Contact us for more information.