Crawl space dehumidification for homeowners

  • Crawl space dehumidification for homeowners

    Do you live in a house with a crawl space and consider installing a crawl space dehumidifier?

    This guide aims to answer the most common questions from homeowners regarding crawl space dehumidification.

    How is the dehumidifier installed?

    The soil surface in the crawl space is cleaned of all organic material and then covered with a plastic foil to prevent moisture evaporation from the soil surface. Then all valves and cracks will be sealed. The crawler dehumidifier is installed by attaching it as high up as possible to the wall in the crawl space.

    avfuktare i krypgrund installation

    The crawl space dehumidifier installation is controlled via a hygrostat connected to the dehumidifier in the crawl space. Via a wireless control panel, HomeVision, inside the house, the installation can be monitored and controlled if necessary. The control panel shows the prevailing temperature and humidity in the crawl space, values coming from the hygrostat part. It also shows the operating status and allows the user to change settings. Operating data such as temperature, humidity operating times etc. is stored on a USB flash drive in the control panel, which allows for follow-up of the installation.

    Built-in alarm functions alert the user to any malfunctions and the system also automatically reminds the annual service. All to ensure that the function is maintained and that damage to the property is avoided.

    The alarm function warns if the relative humidity in the crawl space exceeds the limit values.

    HomeVision Pro provides the ability to control the dehumidifier against mold index, which for some installations and conditions can further reduce energy consumption. The user of HomeVision® Pro can also control the fan operation and also study the graphical presentation of the last twelve months operating time, average temperature and average humidity.

    Here’s how the HomeVision® panel looks like inside the house:

    panel till styrsystem för krypgrundsavfuktare

    And this is what the hygrostat part looks like that is installed at the bottom of the crawl space:

    hygrostat till krypgrundsavfuktare

    This is how the installation in the crawl space looks like:

    krypgrundsavfuktare i krypgrund

    Monitoring HomeVision® Pro

    HomeVision® Pro has an easy-to-use user interface with a display and three software-controlled buttons. The software control means that the respective functions of the buttons vary with the current menu to make the operation as simple as possible. The menus that appear are depicted below with the exception of alarm indications and reminders. From the status view, setting options are accessed via the center setup button. Using the arrow buttons, operating, temperature and humidity statistics are presented. In the statistics views, the first bar is from the left of the current month and this is then followed by the last calendar month and so on.

    Status view:

    status vy för homevision styrsystem i krypgrund

    The arrow buttons present operating, temperature and humidity statistics that you can follow month by month. In the statistics views, the first bar is from the left of the current month and this is then followed by the last calendar month and so on.

    statistik vy homevision styrsystem i krypgrund

    temperatur vy homevision styrsystem i krypgrund

    Tidsvy homevision styrsystem i krypgrund

    Common questions about crawl space dehumidification

    What level of humidity is the panel set to?

    The factory setting on HomeVision is 65% (+/- 4%) relative humidity, which means that the dehumidifier starts automatically at 69% RH and switches off at 61% RH.

    Can one install a crawl space dehumidifier on your own?

    We do not recommend installing a dehumidifier on your own without contacting any of our recommended installers. Contact us for information on these.

    Do I have to keep an eye on the climate in the crawl space via the panel?

    You do not need to keep track as the system keeps track of it for you. If the system alerts you should contact your installer who may come and review the installation.


    We hope you have answered your questions about how creep dehumidification works and what it means for you as a homeowner. If you have more questions, you are always welcome to contact us or one of our retailers.