#meetcorroventa: Solène Mennecier


    Meet Solene, Sales and office Manager at Corroventa France. Solene works in Villebon sur Yvette in France and has celebrated her 9th anniversary at Corroventa in June. During her experience as regional director in the damages’ field, she discovered Corroventa equipment and made a name for herself as a specialist within drying techniques that were at that time still rather unknown.


    Can you describe a regular day at work?

    Difficult, every day is different, our priority is the customer; any emergency will disrupt the course of a day. I can be in Invoicing working on receivables, making quotes, informing a customer about a technical problem, making a receipt of goods, loading a truck, visiting a customer… In Corroventa France we are very versatile and each of us must know how to meet all needs.


    Do you have a special memory at Corroventa that you would like to share?

    I have two special memories from my time at Corroventa. March 2011 our meeting with Ian Poole and Peter Laurits in Orleans to talk about Corroventa France’s creation, a strong moment to discover a new family with passion and rich experience…. I would also say the 30th anniversary at BANKERYD. Dr Knut, Peter Laurits, Per Ekdahl, not to mention Volati. Wonderful to see the founder of the company, the former CEO and the current management united and proud of the evolution of Corroventa.


Corroventa’s 30 year anniversary celebration in Bankeryd

  • What is the best about your role and working for Corroventa?

    The reputation of Corroventa in France and our know-how.

    Can you tell us something that we don’t know about you?

    As per the French saying, I am “An iron fist in a velvet glove, a healthy mind in a healthy body”.


    Solene Mennecier from Corroventa, at an exhibition at Petit Palais in Paris
    Solene Mennecier at an exhibition at Petit Palais in Paris


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