Corroventa Group strengthens its presence in France with new facilities!

  • Corroventa France offers new and modern facilities for upgraded customer service and equipment.


    We are one of the market leaders and specialists in innovation within the industry, and we are now strengthening our presence in the French market by opening new facilities. With a strong focus on providing world-class customer service and equipment, we are taking a big step forward with this initiative.

    The new site, which covers more than 400 square meters, is a symbol of Corroventa’s commitment to meeting the needs of our customers. Among the many improvements included are:

    • A local stock of Corroventa’s rental park of over 10,000 machines available for our customers.
    • Local aftermarket service for fast and efficient service and maintenance.
    • Warehouse space to support and maintain all the machines.
    • Training sessions on the use of our equipment and drying methods (scheduled for the second half of 2024).

    The Corroventa Group is very proud of this expansion and looks forward to providing even better service and support to our customers throughout France. By providing extensive infrastructure and a dedicated sales team, the company strives to build strong long-term relationships with new and existing customers.

    Welcome to Visit us!

    14 rue du Zephyr, Bât C4, 91140 VILLEJUST.

    For more information or to discuss your needs, get in contact with us on the following number:

    Guillaume MARESQUIER: 06 77 15 29 56

    Dylan PARTAMIAN: 06 43 10 05 66



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