• Mobile dehumidifier for large and demanding work

  • Adsorption dehumidifier A50 TD2

    Highly efficient mobile adsorption dehumidifier for large and demanding work. A50 TD 2 is ideal for the dehumidification of large new-builds, as well as renovations or emergency action such as drying in connection with fires and floods.

    A50 TD 2 has a dry air flow of up to 4300 m3/h and is equipped with additional heater. It is extremely user-friendly and contains all the necessary equipment for large drying jobs. The machine can be located both indoors and outdoors.

    • Ideal for large, demanding drying jobs and building dehumidification
    • Can be lifted by a forklift truck or crane
    • Simple start-up, operation and monitoring
    • One person can transport, set up and operate the A50 TD2 alone
    • Controlled and maintained via touch panel
    • Energy efficient: Recovers 85 % of the heat, thanks to the patented technology
    • High capacity – up to 450 l/day
    • A B-class driving licence is required to transport the machine.


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