• Dehumidifier for industrial applications

    Flexible and powerful with extended service life

    The IA2 ES F is a powerful and energy efficient adsorption dehumidifier that is designed with two separate air flows. This flexible dehumidifier has been developed to control the humidity of fixed installations, such as dry stores, industrial premises or other applications.

    Flexible design with separate air flows

    IA2 ES F is a four-hole type adsorption dehumidifier, which means that it has two fans and two separated air flows, providing flexibility to create different pressure conditions in the areas to be controlled for best performance and to meet requirements such as negative pressure, zero pressure and over pressure.

    The unit is easily positioned and mountable via multiple connection options, providing maximum flexibility for air flow and can be located within or outside the treatment areas.

    Efficient service and maintenance

    All Corroventa products are user-friendly and simple to maintain and service and the IA2 ES F is designed and manufactured to meet this criteria with a easy access service hatch that facilitates access to the serviceable components, allowing servicing to be carried out in situ, thus saving the user/engineer time and inconvenience.

    The filter are easily changes via an easy to access hatch, without using tools.

    Optimise the dehumidifier’s operation

    The ES-Functionality on the IA2 ES F enables the user to save time, money, energy and the environment by optimising the dehumidifier’s set-up, and to control the desired Relative humidity (RH), dewpoint temperature or moisture content (g/kg).

    The IA2 ES F is compatible with Digital Gateway for connection to building systems, alternatively to Corroventa’s system SuperVision® 2.0 which is used to control, measure and monitor dehumidification remotely. This gives the dehumidifier longer service life and reduces running costs for the building owner because operational reliability and energy consumption can be minimized.

    *ES stands for Energy Saving. To optimise the drying effect, all machines in the ES series can cooperate with each other through SuperVision® 2.0.


    • Separated air flows gives flexibility to create different pressure conditions.
    • Maintenance and servicing can be carried out on site.
    • The ES functionality gives the user the option of optimising operation for each installation.
    • The overheat protection trips in the event of overheating.
  • Technical data

    • Capacity 20°C, 60% RH, l/day
    • 16,8
    • ΔX-mode, 20°C, 60% RH, at 110/50*, g/kg
    • 4,4
    • Nominal dry air flow rate, m3/h
    • 170
    • Available static pressure, dry air flow, PA
    • 200
    • Maximum dry air flow rate, m3/h
    • 250
    • Nominal wet air flow rate, m3/h
    • 50
    • Available static pressure, wet air flow rate, PA
    • 150
    • Maximum wet air flow rate, m3/h
    • 80
    • Heat output, W
    • 1200
    • Power consumption, W
    • 1400
    • Process air connector, mm
    • Ø 100
    • Dry air connector, mm
    • Ø 100
    • Wet air connector, mm
    • Ø 80
    • Regeneration connector, mm
    • Ø 80
    • Noise level (3 m) dB(A)**
    • 45
    • Integrated RHT sensor
    • Yes
    • Temperature range
    • -20 – 40°C
    • Weight, kg
    • 25,6
    • Size (L x W x H) mm
    • 531x300x507
    • Article number
    • 1005485
    • *Dry air/wet air flow
    • **Varies depending on installation