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For optimal function and performance always use Corroventa original filters


Coarse filter frame INCL. filter H13

Coarse filter frame for Flexifilter HEPA H13.

Filter casette H13

Replacement filter cassette for Flexi filter HEPA H13.

Fine filter H13 inline

Replacement filter for Corrofilter Inline H13 (red).

Fine filter inline

Replacement filter for Corrofilter Inline (grey) and 3-stage filter system.
Utbytesfilter Filterbox

Replacement filters filterbox

Replacement Filters for Corroventa Filter box.
Utbytesfilter 9900208

Replacement filter 9900208

Replacement filter for: Adsorption dehumidifier CTR 500XT.
Utbytesfilter 9900921

Replacement filter 9900921

Replacement filter for: Radon extractor RS 100, Turbine CTR T100XT och Turbine CTR T150XT.
Utbytesfilter 9920184

Replacement filter 9920184

Replacement filter for: Adsorption dehumidifier CTR 150XT, Adsorption dehumidifier CTR 300xt...
Utbytesfilter 9921406

Replacement filter 9921406

Replacement filter for: Combi machine CTR K50XT.
Utbytesfilter 1000926

Replacement filter 9921044

Replacement filter.
Utbytesfilter 1000926

Replacement filter 1000926

Replacement filter.

Questions or concerns?

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