• Control system HomeVision Pro

    The HomeVision control system is used to achieve controlled dehumidification in crawl spaces. Control, regulation and monitoring of the crawl space installation occurs via a hygrostat connected to the dehumidifier in the space and a wireless control panel in the living area.

    The control panel displays the prevailing temperature and humidity in the crawl space, the values that come from the hygrostat. The control panel also displays the operating status and permits the user to change settings if required. Prevailing temperature and humidity and the settings are saved in a log file in a USB memory which makes it possible to follow up the installation.
    The user is alerted to any operational interruptions through integrated alarm functions and the system also automatically gives a reminder that the annual service is due, all to ensure that function is maintained and that damage to the building is avoided.

  • Technical data

    • % RH setpoint
    • Δ% RH hysteresis upper
    • Δ% RH hysteresis lower
    • Δ% RH alarm level
    • Continuous fan operation, or fan only when dehumidifying
    • Control by mold Index
    • Reset to factory settings
    • Information on display & log file
    • Displaying the current RH
    • Display of current temperature
    • Display fan status On or Off
    • Display dehumidification On or Off
    • Display radio signal level
    • Graphic presentation runtime past 12 months
    • Graphic presentation of average temperature last 12 months
    • Graphic presentation of mean% RH 12 months
    • Error messages
    • CSV log file on USB stick

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