Crawl space dehumidifer


  • CTR STD-TT is our smallest adsorption dehumidifier for fixed installation in crawl spaces, with a dry air volume of 200-220 m3/h.

    Crawl space dehumidifier CTR STD-TT is specially designed for foundations with only damp problems. It has the market’s lowest energy consumption and is therefore superbly energy efficient. CTR STD-TT is specially designed for use in crawl spaces, where the requirements are for robustness, operational safety and long service life.

    • Can be controlled and monitored with HomeVision
    • Designed for foundations up to 150 m3
    • High quality and long service life
    • Extremely energy efficient and has low operating costs

Easy monitoring with HomeVision

The dehumidifier is controlled and monitored by our HomeVision system, which consists of a hygrostat placed in the crawl space and a wireless, digital control panel inside the accommodation.

HomeVision Control Panel HomeVision_Hygrostat

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