Crawl space dehumidifier

CTR 300TT2

  • Adsorption dehumidifier for fixed installation in crawl spaces, with a dry air volume of up to 300 m3/h. CTR 300TT2 has one of the market’s lowest energy consumption.

    CTR 300TT2 is specially designed for use in crawl spaces where the requirements are for robustness, operational safety and long service life. Thanks to our patented damper solution which creates negative pressure in the crawl space, CTR 300TT2 is also suitable for air and radon decontamination. CTR 300TT2 has been part of our range for 15 years and is one of our faithful servants.

    • Controlled and monitored with HomeVision
    • Designed for foundations up to 200 m3
    • Effective for air and radon decontamination.
    • High quality and long service life
    • Energy efficient and has low operating costs

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  • Technical data

    • Dry air volume
    • 200-300 m3/h
    • Wet air volume
    • 45-130 m3/h
    • Power supply
    • 230 V, 50 Hz
    • Power consumption
    • 1015 W
    • Real consumption
    • 850 W
    • Process air inlet
    • Ø 160 mm
    • Wet air outlet
    • Ø 75 mm
    • Dry air outlet
    • 1x Ø 100 + 2 x Ø 50 mm
    • Noise level (3 m)
    • Ca 56 dB
    • Weight
    • 16 kg
    • Dimensions (L x W x H)
    • 420 x 325 x 360 mm
    • Dehumidification capacity at: 20°C, 60% RF
    • 21 l/day
    • Dehumidification capacity at: 10°C, 60% RF
    • 14 l/day
    • Dehumidification capacity at: 5°C, 60% RF
    • 12 l/day

Easy monitoring with HomeVision

The dehumidifier is controlled and monitored by our HomeVision system, which consists of a hygrostat placed in the crawl space and a wireless, digital control panel inside the accommodation.

HomeVision Control Panel





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