Radon extractor RS 400

  • Radon extractor RS 400 removes radon extremely effectively, with a variable, controllable, free blowing air volume of 50-370 m3/h. It has been developed for the decontamination of radon in houses with slabs on the ground or basements on a porous surface.

    Unlike traditional radon extractors, the fan motor of EC fan type in an RS400 makes radon extraction very energy efficient. RS 400 is also suitable for negative pressure ventilating floor joists, because it is quiet, energy efficient and has variable speed control.

    • Extremely powerful and effective against ground radon
    • Suitable for single family homes or small buildings with porous ground conditions
    • Can be connected to up to 6 m pipe on the pressure side and up to 30 m pipe on the suction side.
    • Negative pressure under wrapping: up to 40 m drain hose on the suction hose and up to 6 m pipe on the pressure side
    • Extremely quiet
    • Equipped with energy efficient EC fan

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