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The ES family

  • ES is the most intelligent, flexible, compact and energy efficient product line that we have ever produced. At the same time, it is more powerful than any previous product series. ES stands for Energy Saving, and energy efficiency has been the aim throughout the entire product development. Not just when it comes to operation, but during all phases, even logistics and the interaction with the user. The ES family make it possible to decrease the power and energy consumption of our dryer and dehumidifiers. This results in cost savings for the user.


    To optimise the drying effect, all machines in the ES family can cooperate with each other through a smart control system and network and via internal and external sensors. . By remote controlling the drying process the process can be stopped at exactly the right time which contributes to a lower power consumption and also to a better climate protection. The energy efficiency of our dryers and dehumidifiers is increasing as well. The machines can be used alone or connected to several turbines and/or dehumidifiers, which means that no job is too big or too small for the ES family. The machines also have a lot of integrated operating and control modes, for a needs-adapted drying process and minimum energy consumption. Therefore, using the ES family is energy-saving and also results in cost savings. The process contributes to the process and energy optimisation as well.


    Corroventa is following the trend of digitalisation with their system SuperVision®. All machines in the ES family are prepared so that they can be monitored and controlled remotely with SuperVision®, and together they create a unique and ground breaking system for dehumidifying and drying in the event of water damage.

    ES Family in action

    Click here to read more about the usage of ES products in a Swedish Hospital.

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Unique advantages with efficient results


    SuperVision® is used to control and monitor the drying process via computer, mobile phone or tablet. Each SuperVision® module can monitor up to eight ES machines and the drying process is controlled remotely, quickly and easily.


    The ES machines have an intelligent integrated control system to achieve optimised performance and collaboration between turbines, dehumidifiers and water separators.


    The ES machines are more powerful than any other product we have ever produced. Despite their compact appearance, our condensing dryers can supply more water than traditional condensing dryers twice their size.


    Thanks to the smart control system with integrated operating modes, as well as energy efficient components, the ES machines consume less energy than traditional machines. They are energy optimised for both big and small assignments.


    Because the drying result can be optimised at the time of installation, the machine works more efficiently, and the assignment will be completed in less time.


    The ES machines work extremely quietly, and even have a silent mode which can be set at night. This is a huge advantage when the machines are used in residential environments, for example.

  • ES together with SuperVision®

    – a revolutionary solution for drying results, the environment and overall economy

    All machines in the ES family are compatible with SuperVision®, and together create a system that is completely unique to the market. SuperVision® is used to control and monitor the drying process via computer, mobile phone or tablet. Each SuperVision® module can monitor up to eight ES machines, and the moisture control technician controls the drying quickly and easily, without having to visit the machines on site. Thanks to SuperVision®, a moisture control technician can manage dehumidifying assignments more quickly, and spend less time on the move.

    In addition, drying can end at exactly the right time, which is ideal for the best drying results. The solution is revolutionary to the market from the financial and energy points of view as well.

Products in the ES Family