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Adsorption dehumidifiers L4 ES HP

L4 ES HP is a robust and compact dehumidifier for professional use in ES design.

Adsorption dehumidifier L4 ES HP

Ideal for emergency response

L4 is a robust and compact dehumidifier for professional use. The principle for the drying occurs through adsorption but unlike an adsorption dehumidifier, water is being removed by condensation and pumped out and therefore no wet air needs to be evacuated.


Member of the ES - family

As a member of the ES family, the L4 ES HP has a lot of integrated operating and control modes, which allows the drying effect to be optimised for the relevant drying assignment, at the same time as the machine retains a lower energy consumption than traditional adsorption dehumidifiers. The machine is robust, stackable, compact and ergonomically designed, which facilitates the work for the moisture control technician and makes it easy to move between dehumidifying assignments. Adsorption dehumidifier L4 ES HP works with all other ES machines and is prepared so that it can be monitored remotely with SuperVision®.

Benefits of L4 ES HP

  • Water is being removed by condensation – no need to evacuate wet air.
  • Ideal for pressure drying, especially negative pressure.
  • Suitable also in lower temperatures.
  • Energy that is consumed during the condensation process will bring additional heat to the room or can be targeted to dry the damp material.

Technical data

Air volume 480 m3/h
Dry air volume 380 m3/h
Dry air distribution 2x Ø50 + 2x Ø100
Condensation water (20 °C, 60% RF) 12l/24 hrs.
Max. capacity 23l/24 hrs.
Sound level, Max/ECO dBA (3 m) approx. 50-58*
Power consumption 1300 W
Temperature range 0-30 °C
Weight 23,5 kg
Size (L x W x H) 495 x 295 x 550 mm
Article number 1004188
*Sound level varies depending on the installation.  


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