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C15 - Aircooled condenser

A flexible and energy-efficient accessory for the A15.

C15 - Aircooled condenser

A flexible and energy-efficient accessory for the A15

C15 is a robust and compact condenser designed for use with A15 adsorption dehumidifiers. Like all Corroventa products, it is of the highest quality and, together with A15, provides a reliable and energy-efficient solution, benefiting the environment and reducing total costs. The condenser is built with a stainless steel casing to withstand long-term operation even in demanding environments. C15 is available for both mobile and fixed installations.


Capacity l/day


Dry air flow rate m3/h

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Flexibility- true efficiency 

C15 is an accessory that adds additional capability to the already flexible and competent A15. With C15, the user can use A15 as an L(LKV) machine, which is a highly attractive option when both heating and dehumidification needs occur simultaneously, such as in construction projects and fixed installations where heating needs exist. By removing moisture in the form of water instead of wet air retains all the energy from the dehumidification and condensation process. This operating mode has the advantage that condensation releases latent heat, which at 75 liters per day corresponds to almost 2 kW of continuous extra heating power, thereby reducing the need for additional heat from other heat sources within the building's climate envelope.

The use of C15 also opens up possibilities for using A15 in spaces where there is no option to exhaust wet air. In mobile applications in the construction sector and drying water damage, the flexibility provided by C15 will expand the range of applications for A15, and installations will also be faster compared to an adsorption dehumidifier. Connecting C15 to A15 is simple and quick, requiring only a few simple steps and taking only a few minutes. The user does not need to measure or adjust airflow but can verify that everything is functioning via the A15 machine's control panel.

Features of the C15

  • Gives A15 an L (LKV) mode where all electrical energy is kept in the room and where up to approx. 2kW (600W /l water) of continuously heat of vaporization is added to the air.
  • Robust stainless steel construction that can also be equipped with wheels for mobile applications.
  • Connects with simple  hand grips to the A15, becoming an integrated part of the A15 machine's control system.
  • Coarse filter with filter guard function via A15.
  • Condensate water pump and overfill protection.
  • Possibility of self-draining via drain pipe.
  • Low noise level and energy consumption.

Technical data

C15 Mobile ( Wheels) Stationary
With A15, capacity at 20°C, 60% RH, l/day 75 75
Dry air flow, A15, m3/h 1500 1500
Connection Power (Connected to A15) 6 kW (A15) 6 kW (A15)
Stockets Adapted in sizes and locations for direct connection to A15​ Adapted in sizes and locations for direct connection to A15​
Filter area (mm) 495x495 495x495
Filter quality G3 G3
Weight, kg 54 51
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm. incl. sockets, Wheels and handle 507x725x1030 440x575x1030
Article number 1006167 1006237


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