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Corrofilter inline H13

Corrofilter inline H13

Coarse filter, cyclonic filter and HEPA H13 fine filter in the same unit.

Protects the machine from dirt particles and eliminates impurities in the humid air outlet to the surroundings when suction drying. High separation level with HEPA H13 fine filter.




Technical data

Filtration efficiency (0.3 microns DOP) 99.99 %
Filtration efficiency (of all particles and fibres from mineral wool) min 99.967%
Connection diameter Ø 50 mm


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Fine filter H13 inline

Replacement filter for Corrofilter Inline H13 (red).


Corrofilter inline

Protects the machine from dirt particles and eliminates contaminants in the wet air discharge to the environment during suction drying.

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