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Flexifilter Hepa H13

Flexifilter Hepa H13

A compact and light filter unit for cleaning large volumes of air where up to 6 turbine units can be connected.

Flexi filter HEPA H13 can be combined with all Corroventa’s turbine and combi models for suction drying. Can be used with HP2000XT high pressure fan for cleaning large volumes of air in decontamination and building jobs.



Advantages of Flexifilter Hepa H13:

  • HEPA H13 class.
  • Separation level exceeding 99.95% up to 1080 m3/h.
  • Carbon filter for reducing bad odours.

Technical data

Max air volume HEPA H13 99.95% filtration 1080 m3/h
Max air volume HEPA H12 99,50% filtration 1440 m3/h
Weight 18kg
Size (L x W x H) 360 x 500 x 535 mm


Additional items

Filter casette H13

Replacement filter cassette for Flexi filter HEPA H13.

Slang för bygling

Hose Ø51 mm for bridging connectors

Hose Ø51 mm for bridging connectors.

Questions or concerns?

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