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SuperVision® 2.0

Remote controlled monitoring of the drying process saves time, money, and energy

SuperVision® 2.0 

SuperVision® 2.0 is a unique control and monitoring system that is compatible with the 5G network and a revolutionary new feature for the industry. Using smart, high-quality sensors and a user-friendly control platform you can monitor and control the dehumidifier and the drying process remotely via a mobile, tablet or computer.

Because the system allows total control of the dehumidifier it achieves optimal results. SuperVision® 2.0 can be used together with all the dehumidifiers, turbines, and water separators in Corroventa’s ES series. Each set-up of the system can control up to eight machines. SuperVision®2.0 is the optimal solution for the drying result, overall economy, and the environment.

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StudioDittmer_5234-high res

Control, monitor and meter from wherever you are

More often than not you need to visit the place of work to check that the drying is proceeding as planned. On site you often have no idea of whether the dehumidifiers are operating or not, or if you need to change their settings. SuperVision® 2.0 is the solution. Travelling is reduced because drying can be monitored remotely. Less travel time means more working time, without making the working day longer. This makes you both more time efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

Total control over the drying process

SuperVision® 2.0 is a well thought out and user-friendly system that makes it possible to monitor and control the drying process from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The system gives you complete control of the drying process, regardless of whether you use Corroventa’s products daily or are an insurance company representative.

SuperVision® 2.0 contributes to reduced environmental impact

Supervision 2.0 gives correct, recordable, and evidence-based energy consumption calculations.

The system means that the project can be monitored and/or adjusted daily. The system enables considerably more assignments to be carried out simultaneously, while reducing the amount of travel that moisture control technicians are required to do to monitor the process on site. This significantly reduces the number of miles travelled. In addition, the drying process can be ended at exactly the right time, which saves energy and costs.

Smart sensors - now also available for measurement in concrete

When upgrading to SuperVision 2.0, a new RHT sensor is included to measure relative moisture. This sensor replaces the previous RHT sensor and has the same basic functionality, but the new generation offers even better quality and reliability. In addition, a “High performance” HP RHT-sensor is available as an option. This allows measurement of relative humidity in concrete for long periods of time.


How does SuperVision® work?

Data collection red

Data collection

SuperVision® collects data from the drying process through a gateway and number of wireless sensor nodes. A magnet makes the gateway stick to the machine’s metal surface. Just press a button to synchronize and pair SuperVision® with the machine.



The information from the gateway is stored on a web server, and visualized in a user-friendly interface. SuperVision® enables you to analyze data in real time and change settings, modes, setpoints and much more – no matter where you are and time of day.

monitoring and control red

Monitoring and control

In the statistics view, the user can easily create custom charts and diagrams, based on the data from the wireless sensor nodes. SuperVision® also allows the user to create and export custom reports to insurance companies.

Products in the ES-family

SuperVision® together with the ES family

Questions or concerns?

You can always contact us at Corroventa if you have any inquiries about our products or solutions. Do you have a challenge with water, moisture, odor, radon, or pests? Reach out to our headquarters, and we'll assist you further.