Renting our machines

Should you have an emergency like a flooding, severe weather or water in the basement you should immediately initiate the drying process as not every water damage has to result in a catastrophe. We offer all our machines for rental as well. Fans, condense dryers, air dehumidifiers and adsorption dryers rank among our rental appliance in our offering.

Rent of our machines
Our equipment rental gives you the opportunity to rent a number of building dehydrators. You can rent machines for water damage as well as for the living environment, for example an radon extractor. We offer our dryers and dehumidifiers in different sizes. Ventilators or fans can also be rented. They increase the air circulation and therefore speed up the drying process making it more efficient.

Corroventa’s rental park
Corroventa has one of the largest rental parks in Europe. Our rental appliances are available in a number of depots spread over Europe. They make it possible to deliver within just a few hours. It is especially beneficial with severe weather and storms which result in many water damages. Our rental park allows you to increase your own machine park to satisfy the high demand. Corroventa offers the possibility to rent dehumidifiers and other equipment for short or long periods. We have most equipment needed for water and moisture damage, or to ensure a good moisture control during construction and renovations. There is equipment for every conceivable damage – large and small. Since we have several depots for machine rentals and sales, our products can be rented throughout the whole of Europe. From small and portable to larger mobile dehumidifiers, often used for moisture control in construction and moisture remediation in large venues. For regular customers who frequently rent from us, we also offer alternative rental agreement, where we find the best solution for you.

  • High service levels with fast and efficient delivery options

  • Knowledgeable staff to discuss your needs

  • High quality presentable equipment correctly maintained and serviced