Corroventa's journey

The first product that was launched had a major impact on the market as it was simple, user friendly and had a unique patented drying process that significantly shortened the drying time of a water damage. Corroventa’s founder Knut Claesson established an early collaboration with customers around Europe, which later also actively influenced the development of Corroventa’s products.

Our driving force has always been to find smart and effective solutions to facilitate the customer’s everyday life and through close dialogue, we create products that can withstand the toughest environments and last for many years. We aim to offer flexible products that work for all kinds of drying assignments and the latest in the market is the small but effective adsorption dehumidifier A1.


1985: Corroventa was founded by Knut Claesson in Bankeryd, Sweden.

1988: Corroventa launches the CTR 200, the first portable and user friendly dehumidifier. It weighs 22 kg and has a capacity of 22 l/24 hours.

1999-2003:Corroventa launches products for crawl space dehumidification followed by products within radon decontamination.

2007: Corroventa is acquired by Volati, an industrial investor that acquires small and medium sized industrial enterprises and develops them through active ownership.

2010: Corroventa launches the control system HomeVision to control climate in crawl spaces and attics.

2012-2014: New subsidiaries are opened in France, Benelux, Norway and Poland.

2015: Corroventa celebrates 30 years and is also launching the ES-family that is the most powerful, intelligent and energy efficient product line we have ever produced. At the same time, the control system SuperVision is launched to enable remote control of the drying process.

2016: Corroventa launches VentoVind, an energy efficient solution for dehumidification of cold attics.

2018: Corroventa’s Quality management system receives ISO 9001 certification as well as expanding to Australia and Israel.

2019: Corroventa launches Corroventa Academy, the dehumidifier L4 that is a compact adsorption dehumidifier with air cooled condenser.

2020: Launch of the smallest desiccant dehumidifier A1.


This week we celebrate 35 years and we want to say thank you to all our customers. Without you, we would not have been able to operate for 35 years. We hope to continue to provide you the best support and deliver products for managing water damage, moisture, odours and radon for many years to come.

Questions or concerns?

You can always contact us at Corroventa if you have any inquiries about our products or solutions. Do you have a challenge with water, moisture, odor, radon, or pests? Reach out to our headquarters, and we'll assist you further.

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