Corroventa launch SuperVision® 2.0 Control and Monitoring system with an optional “High Performance” RHT sensor

SuperVision® 2.0 is a unique control and monitoring system that is 5G compatible and the introduction of this revolutionary new sensor can enable measurement of relative humidity (RH) in concrete to be obtained for extended periods of time.

Our customers have been requesting high performance sensors for measuring relative humidity in concrete. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Wiiste Oy, as we can now add that capability to our SuperVision® 2.0 system.

Mårten Larsson, CCO at Corroventa.

Save energy and reduce drying times

SuperVision® 2.0 enables Corroventa Customers the opportunity to save energy, money and reduce drying times, in addition to reducing time spent traveling back and forth the drying projects. The system provides live remote monitoring data accessed via a smartphone, tablet, or computer and will also allow control of the connected ES Range (Energy saving) equipment.

Notifications can automatically be sent when drying goals or targets are achieved or if power is lost during the project.

Additionally, the drying process can be terminated when targets have been achieved, so reducing un-necessary power consumption or providing required cooling down period before final moisture / drying assessments are completed on site. This can provide major energy saving and substantially reduce the number of site visits completed and inconvenience caused to the property owners.


Innovative sensor for measurment in concrete

When upgrading to SuperVision® 2.0, in addition to our new improved RHT Sensors, clients can choose to upgrade to the new “High performance” HP RHT sensor.

SuperVision® 2.0 also incorporates a newly developed calibration function for the HP RHT concrete measurement sensor that ensures reliable and accurate results.

Wiiste Oy, are the perfect partner for Corroventa with their specialist knowledge, experience and focus on measurement sensors and equipment.

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