New Products in the Industrial applications segment

Corroventa’s product range for industrial applications is now being expanded by the development of two new dehumidifiers, the IA2 ES F and IL2 ES. They come with flexible functionality in order to control humidity in a more energy efficiently process.

Since launching into the Industrial plication segment, the market interest in our solutions keeps growing stronger and stronger. With the launch of the IA2 ES F and IL2 ES we can now offer two innovative and efficient adsorption dehumidifiers for small to medium applications, in storage or warehousing facilities, small buildings, water treatment works, industrial premises or cold rooms.

Simple maintenance and service

The IA2 ES F and IL2 ES are fitted with a service hatch that facilitates access to the electronics and serviceable components within the dehumidifiers. This allows for easy servicing to be completed out on site and with minimal disruption, including replacing’ filters via filter hatches, without any tools.

Developing innovative and user-friendly products that are easy to maintain is something that we strive for at Corroventa.

Karl Jansson, CCO på Corroventa

Karl Jansson, CCO at Corroventa

Simple optimisation and monitoring of operation

The dehumidifiers are equipped with Corroventa’s ES-functionality* which means that the user can save time, money and the environment by optimising the dehumidifier’s operation. For example, by controlling dehumidification to the desired Relative humidity (RH), dewpoint temperature or moisture content (g/kg). The dehumidifiers are also compatible with Digital Gateway for connection to building systems, alternatively Corroventa’s SuperVision® 2.0 system, which is used to control, measure and monitor dehumidification remotely.

*ES stands for Energy Saving. To optimise the drying effect, all machines in the ES series can cooperate with each other through SuperVision® 2.0 and provides greater control.

Extended range for the fixed installation sector

The launch of the IA2 ES F and IL2 ES, expands Corroventa’s range within the Industrial application segment maintaining the core values of robust design and construction to provide a long service life, smart and compact unit to minimize disturbance. Designed and manufactured in Sweden.

IA2 ES F is a flexible and powerful adsorption dehumidifier with two separate air flows. This gives the user the flexibility to create different pressure relationships in the dehumidified area.

IL2 ES is an adsorption dehumidifier that has been developed in two different options for projects or situations where there is a requirement to evacuate moisture in the form of condensation. IL2 ES P has an integrated pump to extract condensate water. The IL2 ES variant evacuates the condensation without a pump, via a drainage connection that can be connected to a suitable drain.

We are delighted that we can now offer our customers several solutions within the area of Industrial applications. We see growing interest for the segment and this solution is a natural step. Together with our technical support for both dimensioning and installation, the new products will open new opportunities for our customers in Europe.

Karl Jansson, CCO på Corroventa

Karl Jansson, CCO at Corroventa

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