Corroventa launches A15 – Dehumidifier for industrial applications

It’s here at last! The powerful, energy-efficient dehumidifier designed for a wide range of applications, ideal for major water damage or building dehumidification, but also fixed dehumidification installations to control the humidity in warehouses, storage rooms or large facilities etc.

Corroventa’s new A15 adsorption dehumidifier is ideal for when you need a powerful dehumidifier that is also quiet and consumes minimal energy!

The A15 is packed with clever features and user-friendly functions and benefits. For example, it is compatible with Corroventa’s SuperVision® 2.0 control and monitoring system and is equipped with highly efficient EC fans that simplify installation by eliminating the need to refer to the phase sequence of the power supply.


At Corroventa, we strive to develop together with the market. Corroventa’s machines can usually be recognised by their red colour, but we are now introducing our first stainless steel dehumidifier. The launch of A15 is a first step in Corroventa’s vision to broaden the range of fixed dehumidification installations. The A15, like all Corroventa machines, is built to the highest quality in Sweden to provide a long service life and the best performance. 

Karl Jansson, CCO på Corroventa

Karl Jansson,  CCO at Corroventa.


Service Mode

A further advantage is the service mode, where a pull-out cassette provides quick and super-easy access to the rotor and components. The pull-out cassette has a support stand to prevent the machine from tipping over. The hatch is kept closed by two compression locks and can be opened without any tools.

Four-hole machine

A15 is a four-hole machine with separate airflow for regeneration and purge zone. The separate airflow allows for different pressure conditions to be created to control air movement in the spaces connected to the dehumidifier. The purge zone reduces energy consumption.


For ease of handling, A15 can be easily transported through a standard 800 mm doorway and shipped on an EUR pallet. A15 is also equipped with a filter monitor that warns when the filter needs to be replaced and this is easily done through separate hatches.


The dehumidification principle for A15:

The video to the right demonstrates the dehumidification principle. The process air is drawn into the machine and passes through the rotor (1) where it is dehumidified. The resulting dry air is further drawn into the process air fan (2) and expelled from the machine via dry air connector (3).

In parallel with dehumidification, regeneration air is drawn into the machine via a separate connector and first passes the rotor in the purge sector (4). The part of the rotor located here has just been regenerated and is still hot. As a result, the regeneration air is preheated while the rotor cools down, energy recovery that contributes to the efficiency of the machine.

The preheated regeneration air then continues through the regeneration heaters (5) and back through the rotor to regenerate it, expelling the adsorbed moisture. The resulting wet air is further drawn into the regeneration fan (6) and then forced out of the machine via the wet air connector (7).


Questions or concerns?

You can always contact us at Corroventa if you have any inquiries about our products or solutions. Do you have a challenge with water, moisture, odor, radon, or pests? Reach out to our headquarters, and we'll assist you further.

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