About us

Corroventa develops, manufactures, sells and rents high quality products for dealing with water damage, moisture, odours and radon.

Innovation and quality down to the smallest detail

We are one of the market leaders and specialists in innovation within the industry. Our products are compact, effective, ergonomic and energy efficient. In emergency situations and during flooding, Corroventa’s customers have access to one of the largest rental parks in Europe.

All of our products are manufactured in Bankeryd, Sweden.

Four business models

We offer four business models, so that you can find an efficient solution that meet your needs.

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Corroventa Academy

Increase your knowledge and skills in water damage restoration at our seminars.

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Customer stories

Customer stories highlighting successful projects with Corroventa products and solutions.

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Our history

Corroventa was founded by Dr. Knut Claesson. His passion for dehumidification technology and, specifically, for using it to develop new products and techniques within the field of drying damp and water damage was the initial driving force behind the company’s operations.


Product development

Quality and durability

When developing a new product, we are always driven by the goal of creating a high-quality and durable product. This applies, of course, whether it's an adsorption dehumidifier, refrigeration dehumidifier, crawl space dehumidifier, fan, turbine, or water separator.

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Product development

Ergonomic design

With machines that are easy to carry and move, it becomes easier to work quickly and efficiently.

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Product development

Product development

Corroventa combines innovative strength with 30 years of experience in the water damage restoration field. Ideas are born out in the real world among our customers, often where accidents have occurred. Finding smart and efficient solutions that make our customers' workdays more effective is a strong driving force for us.

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Solutions that create the best outcomes for our partners

Service and warranty

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