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Seminars within water damage restoration

All water damages are different. It is crucial to have understanding of various dehumidification techniques and know which method that is best for various situations. At Corroventa, we hold seminars within water damage restoration as well as moisture, odours and radon in living environments. Corroventa Academy is a new, updated concept with enhanced course material and content to make learning as efficient as possible for our participants. Practical tests of different drying techniques are carried out at our seminars. In our own building laboratories, theory and practice are combined; water damage in different structures is dried and evaluated with measurements. 


We always strive to achieve an installation that is easy and quick to install and that provides the customer with an effective, reliable and energy efficient solution. Relative humidity, drying speed and moisture migration are some of the terms that we work with. Apart from our standard seminars, we can help you customize your workshop according to your and your colleagues’ needs. We hold seminars on all markets that we operate and our laboratories are adjusted to fit local needs and building constructions. Corroventa Academy gives you #advantage through knowledge.

Corroventa Academy

Quotes from participants

It is very interesting. The theoretical parts have been good and informative, the seminar leaders are knowledgable and I will make use of a lot of what I’ve learned.

Frank Eriksson, Anticimex Sweden.

We have learned theory and practice with installations and the most of dehumification. The best part for me was to go through the practical and service and maintenance of machines but also the theoretical parts. I can really recommend these seminars, I have gone to three seminars with a few years in between and everyone who works with water damages, dehumidification and living environment should attend these seminars.

Krister Elfving, Kristianstad Avfuktning AB Sweden.

At the seminar I learned about various applications that I didn’t think of before such as targeted drying, drying of layered constructions and crawl spaces. I realized that in reasonably short time, its possible to efficiently and professionally dry with considerably small number of machines.

Sebastian Kowalski, Protek Poland.

Our seminars

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Corroventa Academy

Introduction to Drying in Theory and Practice

This seminar fits you who is new to the industry but also the ones who has been working for many years and need repetition. We go through basic theory behind moisture and drying technology as well as try various meters for detecting water damages in different materials. The seminar covers both theory and practice in our laboratories.

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Corroventa Academy

Living Environment & Fixed Installations

Corroventa offers a seminar for you who works with living environment and fixed installations. During the seminar we cover methods for managing moisture, odours and radon in living environments. On this seminar the focus is on fixed installations and mounting methods for cold attics, crawl spaces/cellars and radon decontamination.

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Corroventa Academy

Masterclass in Drying – Theory and Practice

This seminar offers a mix of theory and practice and fits if you previously attended the introductory course and now want to go more in depth to dehumidifciation and drying technology or if you have worked several years in the industry. 

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Customized seminar

We offer the possibility to customize seminars according to your needs
within a variety of topics such as: cellar- or crawl space dehumidification,
radon decontamination, mould, drying methods and much more.

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Questions or concerns?

You can always contact us at Corroventa if you have any inquiries about our products or solutions. Do you have a challenge with water, moisture, odor, radon, or pests? Reach out to our headquarters, and we'll assist you further.