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Our products

Corroventa develops and manufactures products and solutions for moisture and water damage, as well as remediation of radon and bedbugs. All manufacturing takes place in Bankeryd, Småland.


Adsorption dehumidifiers L4 ES HP

L4 ES HP is a robust and compact dehumidifier for professional use in ES design.

Adsorption dehumidifier A15 ES

The innovative dehumidifier A15 is perfect when you desire powerful and silent dehumidification with minimal energy consumption.

C15 – Aircooled condenser

C15 is a robust and compact condenser designed for use with A15 adsorption dehumidifiers.
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Condensing dryer K3 ES HP

The smallest refrigerant dehumidifier in the ES series with a capacity of up to 30 liters per day and an air flow rate of 300 m3/h.

Adsorption dehumidifiers A50 TD2

Highly efficient mobile adsorption dehumidifier for large and demanding tasks.
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Condensing dryer K5 ES HP PX

The largest dehumidifier in the ES series, which is very compact and efficient relative to its size.
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Adsorption dehumidifiers A4 ES X

Adsorption dehumidifier A4 ES X has digital control and is equipped with additional heating for colder environments.

Adsorption dehumidifier A2

The A2 adsorption dehumidifier features analog control and is designed for small to medium-scale dehumidification tasks.

Adsorption dehumidifiers A1

A1 is our smallest adsorption dehumidifier designed for drying minor water damages.
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Turbine T2 ES

T2 ES is one of the most powerful turbines on the market in terms of its size, with an airflow of 180 m3/h.
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Turbine T4 ES

The ES series' largest turbine with an airflow of up to 300 m3/h is designed for optimized performance in both large and small dehumidification tasks.

Turbine T2

Turbin T2 can deliver an air volume of 180 m3/h and is designed for small to medium-sized dehumidification tasks.

Questions or concerns?

You can always contact us at Corroventa if you have any inquiries about our products or solutions. Do you have a challenge with water, moisture, odor, radon, or pests? Reach out to our headquarters, and we'll assist you further.