Four business models

For a safe, simple, flexible and profitable collaboration


Business model

Select the business model based on your needs

Being a partner to Corroventa opens the way for flexible collaboration. Our business models are designed to create the best possible solution for our partners. Regardless of which business model you prefer, we work with continuous focus on maximising the access to our machines. We offer four business models and you decide which one suits you best and gives you most profitability. You can combine several or choose between:

  • Purchasing the equipment with custom warranties, service and support agreements.
  • Renting for a limited period, for example to get machines during a high load.
  • Machine pool. The customer retains the machine for a long period, which makes work easier for both parties and the transport is reduced.
  • Leasing.

Rental – We offer one of the largest rental parks in Europe

If you want to get machines during high loads, rental with us works perfectly. At present, Corroventa has around 10,000 machines in the rental park. The products are available at a number of depots around Europe for delivery within a few hours. It applies to everything from small condensing dryers to large industrial adsorption dehumidifiers that process 10,000 m3 air an hour, in other words most things that are required for drying water damage or for dehumidifying buildings. We can deliver directly to the site of the water damage.

10 000


Questions or concerns?

You can always contact us at Corroventa if you have any inquiries about our products or solutions. Do you have a challenge with water, moisture, odor, radon, or pests? Reach out to our headquarters, and we'll assist you further.