Händler Trocknungsservice has been working with Corroventa for four years. Olaf Händler explains why they choose to work in close partnership with Corroventa:

In general, we find Corroventa as a manufacturer with durable machines. Everything I bought from other manufacturers when I started eight years ago is now defective. They lasted 5,000-6,000 operating hours. At Corroventa, you spend a little more money, but the equipment lasts 60,000-90,000 operating hours. We need it! We have to ensure that the machines will work if they are operating on construction sites. And that is possible with Corroventa’s products.

Ola Händler, Händler Trocknungsservice.

We have never had any problems and we always get good support. When we have machines in repair, we can still operate with rental equipment. This is great service and important for us. Our company is now developing, we are opening another subsidiary and we look forward to extend our stock of Corroventa machines.

Reasons for choosing Corroventa

The reliability and the service are the reasons we choose Corroventa. Other suppliers provide service as well but I know beforehand that the devices will be broken after 5,000-6,000 hours because they use plastic bearings in these machines. In our workshop we mount proper ball bearings, which are not so susceptible to dirt. This is where you see the difference in quality. Those machines might break after 2-3 years so you have to buy new equipment. We are confident that Corroventa’s machines are state-of-the-art and we can pass that on to our customers. State-of-the-art means, for example, the power savings. That’s a big issue for insurance companies. We have many insurance partners asking us if we know companies with energy saving options, Corroventa is always at the top of that list which plays a role in the allocation of the projects and gives us an advantage.

The company Händler has been operating for eight years. After four years, we realized that we have to offer products with higher quality to our customers. This is when we began our cooperation with Corroventa. Today, we use Corroventa’s machines for all our projects.

About Händler Trocknungsservice

Händler was founded in 2010 and is today operating on three locations in Germany. The company works with water damage restoration and prevention.

Questions or concerns?

You can always contact us at Corroventa if you have any inquiries about our products or solutions. Do you have a challenge with water, moisture, odor, radon, or pests? Reach out to our headquarters, and we'll assist you further.

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