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Efficient building dehumidification with the A50 TD2 from Corroventa

Stenmarks Bygg AB are currently building the new Skogsbäcken’s preschool in Lidköping, Sweden. The building is 1700 m2 and will include three different sections, a winter garden, a staffroom, a large kitchen and lunchroom. The lunchroom fits 150 people and will also be used by pupils from a school close by.

The construction has been ongoing since August 2017 and is expected to be finished in November 2018. Ingemar Svensson is the site manager from Stenmarks Bygg AB. Ingemar has been working in the construction business his whole career and has experience from many different projects. Svensson is very satisfied with the result from Corroventa’s A50 TD2:

- We got such a great result after only a week in one part of the building that we could seal the outer walls and continue with the frames of the walls. After the second week we met the moisture requirements in the rest of the building. The most important part is that the 20 cm thick concrete floor slab Is dry. It is always good to start drying this at an early stage to make the project as efficient as possible.


The dehumidifier was placed in the building as soon as the building was covered to dry the concrete floor slab and the wood. Ingemar Svensson is also impressed with how much water the machine could remove. Drying the concrete floor slab is the most difficult part, that is why we were so happy that the A50 TD2 was so efficient.

Construction companies today have lots of pressure to be competitive and therefore, efficient building processes are crucial. Jan Andersson, who is running Skaraborgs Fukt & Byggnadsmiljö AB is responsible for the moisture safety of the project and he is also monitoring the process, measuring the wood and  the concrete and was also the person who installed the A50 TD2 for Stenmarks Bygg.


The machine is superior because it produces lots of dry air at the same time as adding heat. Our results are that we have reduced the drying time considerably and thereby also get a faster construction process, which is very beneficial. 

Ingemar Svensson

The method

They started the dehumidification process as soon as the building was weather proof, it did not need to be heated since adsorption dehumidification is relatively independent of temperature. It is also possible to accelerate the drying process further by adding more heat from the A50 TD2.

It is of great advantage to be able to place the dehumidifier inside the building, but it is also possible to have it standing outside and connect hoses through e.g. windows.

The building does not need to be tented thanks to fast and efficient drying of the wood as soon as the building is weather proof. The wood will not have time to be water damaged during the relatively short time it Is exposed to outdoor climate. This also saves time and money.

I have been involved in the project from the beginning and I continuously follow up and document the process up until the final inspection – it is especially important with drying in the initial phase so you can keep the time plan. This machine is perfect for this since it is so efficient.

Jan Andersson, Skaraborgs Fukt & Byggnadsmiljö AB

The result

It took 16 days to dry out the whole wooden frame of the building which is extremely good for the large size of the building of 1700 m2, it was better than expected according to Andersson and Svensson.

- The air volume in the building is theoretically too big for only one A50 TD2 so It was a gamble. I thought that I would have to complement with a few more smaller dehumidifiers, I logged the climate during the drying process and it was definitely enough with only the A50.

Jan Andersson has been cooperating with Corroventa for 20 years, the last 10 years as an entrepreneur:

- I have a long experience of working with Corroventa and it has always been valuable to continuously develop the cooperation. Corroventa has such competent and helpful staff that always are ready to support if there are any problems. The service works really well and the machines are always meeting expectations.


About the product A50 TD2:

A Highly efficient mobile adsorption dehumidifier for large and demanding work. A50 TD 2 is ideal for the dehumidification of large new-builds, as well as renovations or emergency action such as drying in connection with fires and floods. A50 TD 2 has a dry air flow of up to 4300 m3/h and is equipped with an additional heater. It is extremely user-friendly and contains all the necessary equipment for large drying jobs. The machine can be located both indoors and outdoors.



Some advantages of the A50 TD2 include:

  • High Capacity.
  • It can handle the absorption of up to 450 liters per day.
  • It is energy-efficient as it recovers 85% of heat through patented technology.

About Skaraborgs fukt och miljö AB

Jan Andersson started the company ten years ago and they are working with moisture related questions, it can be anything from being responsible for the moisture safety in a construction project to inspections and measuring of wood and concrete. Jan also investigates problems in the living environment.

About Stenmarks Bygg AB 

Stenmarks Bygg was founded in 1971. The company has its headquarters in Lidköping, Sweden and 25 employees. The company is working mostly locally in the Skaraborg region but mostly in Lidköping. Stenmarks Bygg is a building company and are involved in both smaller and larger projects for private companies, municipalities and housing associations.

Questions or concerns?

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