Successful actions towards increased radon levels

According to the Swedish radiation safety authority, radon is causing around 500 cases of lung cancer in Sweden and the awareness on the risks of radon has increased over the years. World Health Organization (WHO) recommend a limit of 100 Bq/m3.

The limit for radon in living environments, public venues and workplaces in Sweden is 200 Bq/m3. The Swedish radiation safety authority estimates that close to 400 000 residences in Sweden has a higher level than 200 Bq/m3. In order to identify and remdiate all residences with higher levels of radon, measurements need to be made in all houses. For apartment buildings, measurements need to be done in all ground floor apartments as well as a selection of other apartments.

Corroventa has delivered radon extractors RS 100 to LR-Konsult & Installation AB to fix the increased radon levels that has been measured out in the ground floor apartments of the housing association Brf Trumspelaren.

The problem

Riksbyggen housing association Trumspelaren is located in Linköping, Sweden. It has 627 apartments and is one of the largest housing associations in Sweden.

In 2017, LR-Konsult & Installation AB was hired by Riksbyggen to make radon measurements in the apartments of Brf Trumspelaren. The result from the measurements that were carried out showed that most of the apartments on ground floor had increased annual radon levels. The highest annual values were as high as 900 Bq/m3 and Brf Trumspelaren and all property owners have to measure and solve increased levels before 2020.

Tony Caesar is responsible for the measurements and says that the subsequent radon inspection clearly showed that the radon source was the ground under the house. He explains:

At our subsequent radon inspection, we perform, among other things, instantaneous radon measurements of the air and point measurements of radon gas to ascertain the source where the radon gas from the ground leaks into the home. We could note that the apartments had a leakage of radon gas from the ground in several places in the apartments. 

Tony Caesar, responsible for the measurements. 

The solution

LR-Konsult & Installation AB has been collaborating with Riksbyggen in Linköping for several years and was also hired for this project in Brf Trumspelaren. Tony Caesar continues by explaining that radon from the ground is usually solved by ensuring that the radon gas that penetrates from the ground below the house is being removed by creating an under pressure under the house. It should also be combined with sealing of cracks and cavities in the plate.

An important factor for us at LR-Konsult & Installation is to have the living environment in focus. Our solutions should always have a minimal effect on the living environment and we always take this into account when planning the installations. Brf Trumspelaren is a good example of this where we found a solution to place the duct systems outside the apartments.

Tony Caesar, responsible for the measurements.

LR-Konsult & Installation AB chose to install Corroventa’s radon extractor RS 100 in the bicycle storage. A duct system has been installed from the radon extractor to get a suction point under each apartment. Most of the pipe system is in the stairwell outside the apartments. From there, holes could be drilled diagonally to ensure that there was a suction point under each apartment.

We have gathered much experience over the years, and we know that RS 100 creates an outstanding under pressure. At the same time, it was a bit of a gamble to only have one suction point per apartment, but it was a prerequisite to make as little intervention in the property as possible. We knew that the machine has the capacity, so it would not have been a problem to add suction points inside the apartments if we had not managed to reduce the radon levels enough. It turned out that one suction point per apartment was enough, which was positive for everyone involved.

Tony Caesar, responsible for the measurements.

Peter Balogh is since 2015 the chairman in the board of Brf Trumspelaren. He explains that they work proactively with preventive maintenance to reduce energy consumption as well as operation and maintenance costs in the housing association.

Quality solutions are very important for us. As property owners, we are paying for operational maintenance and therefore, it is important that we choose solutions that are reliable and efficient. Since the installation of the RS 100, the radon levels are below the limit with a good margin and the residents barely noticed the installation. We are clearly pleased with the result.

Peter Balogh, the chairman in the board of Brf Trumspelaren.

Six radon extractors RS 100 was installed together with a mounting kit that among others includes silencer to minimize the noise level. The following radon measurements in Brf Trumspelaren showed that the radon levels in the apartments on ground floor has been reduced to an annual value of ca. 60 Bq/m3. Even the apartment which measured the highest value of 110 Bq /m3 is also well below the limit of 200 Bq /m3.

"By far the best on the market"

LR-Konsult & Installation AB delivers installations with high quality and long service life. An efficient and reliable solution is important in order to reduce radon levels and at the same time minimize energy- and maintenance costs.


About RS 100:

Radon extractor RS 100 is a very powerful turbine, with an air volume of 80 m3/h and a static pressure of 20,000 Pa. RS 100 has been developed for the decontamination of radon in houses with slabs on ground or basements on ground where it is difficult to get air through the material. Because RS 100 is so powerful, it can be connected by long pipes and is therefore very easy to position.



Some of the advantages of the Radon suction system RS 100:

  • Very powerful and effective against ground radon.
  • Suitable for larger multi-family houses with compact ground conditions.
  • Can be connected with up to 12 suction points.
  • Can be linked with 50 m of piping on the pressure side and 200 m of piping on the suction side.


About LR-Konsult & Installation AB

LR-Konsult & Installation AB was established in 1982 and is today one of the leading actors in the radon decontamination in Sweden. They have for instance participated in a science project and been the referral body for radon issues to the Radiation Safety Authority. Measurements, investigations and measures to deal with radon problems are offered to both housing and commercial premises. The customers are both private individuals and companies from Sweden. The head office is located in Linköping, Sweden. 

Sophie Aronsson who is the tenant association manager tells about Riksbyggen’s cooperation with LR-Konsult & Installation AB: "We have a good cooperation in all radon matters and Tony together with his colleagues always does the utmost to deliver the best solutions. Quick answers, flexibility and good service are also something they are very good at."

About Riksbyggen och BRF Trumspelaren 

Riksbyggen Brf Trumspelaren is one of the largest housing associations in Sweden with 627 apartments. The association belong to Riksbyggen Västra Götaland that is responsible for management and operation as well as procurement of projects such as installation of radon extractors. Riksbyggen is today one of the country’s leading players in property management. There are over 300 locations in Sweden and have over 75 years of experience in developing, managing and improving properties.


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