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Attic dehumidifiers Ventovind PRO™ Special

Demand-controlled ventilation for multi-family houses and larger attics

Ventovind PRO™ Special

Demand controlled ventilation for apartment buildings and larger attic spaces

VentoVindTM is a system for demand controlled ventilation, which guarantees that the ventilation only takes place when it benefits the attic space. The supply air system ensures ventilation at the right times, while establishing an impression of the attic that breaks up the travel of moisture up from the accommodation.


VentoVind™ PRO Special

The technology works best if the attic is as well-sealed as possible to ensure that all ventilation occurs via the ventilation system, which in its basic form, consists of a supply fan and a mechanical or motorised exhaust air damper. The supply fan is powered and the speed controlled via a control unit placed inside the attic. Sensors that measure the outdoor climate as well as the climate in the attic are connected to the control unit. The control unit reads off the sensors and determines, via an algorithm, whether ventilation should be on or off. In this way, the ventilation level is optimised to the temporary ventilation requirement and it consumes as little energy as possible. The ventilation system is only operational when the moisture conditions are beneficial for ventilation using outdoor air.

Custom solutions

VentoVindTM Pro special comes complete with control unit, fan, damper and mounting hardware adapted for your project, big or small. Supplied with HomeVision® wireless control panel. VentoVindTM PRO Special is prepared for connection to the building’s central control/monitoring system via Modbus RS485, which gives you full control through monitoring and regulation of the system.

• Custom solutions
• Wireless control panel
• Modbus RS 485
• Motor controlled damper


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