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High pressure on Corroventa deliveries during the summer flood

This summer’s heavy rains meant a disaster for much of Europe. The extreme weather caused extensive flooding where entire cities came under water and people had to be evacuated. During the weeks that the urgent need was as most intense, Corroventa had nearly 10.000 machines leased.

The areas most affected were Bavaria in southern Germany and large parts of France, but also England, the Netherlands, and Norway were affected by high water levels.

The floods resulted in major water damage to buildings. All the Corroventa sales offices worked diligently to meet customer needs for dehumidification equipment. Every day, more deliveries from the various depots in Europe (Corroventa has in total 10 depots in Sweden, Germany, France, England and Norway) to their customers working in the field.

The floods required all types of dehumidification equipment to dry different buildings and damages. In the Corroventa rental park there is a large range of small and flexible machines up to large trailers that are capable of drying extensive areas.

A huge advantage with the extensive rental park is the ability to deliver a large quantity of dehumidifiers quickly, which is absolutely necessary in emergency situations. A rapid and efficient response can help minimize the damages.

Richard Zinken, the Area Sales Manager on Corroventa’s subsidiary in Germany

High pressure in Corroventa's factory

The situation also increased the speed in Corroventa’s factory in Bankeryd, Sweden – in September it broke the production record. A large part of the machines that were produced were condensing driers, that offer a quick installation which is crucial in emergency situations.

Now, a few months after the flooding in Europe, the machines are returning to our rental park. They are serviced and ready for new drying mission.

Corroventas rental park

If you want to get machines during high loads, rental with us works perfectly. At present, Corroventa has around 10.000 machines in the rental park. The products are available at a number of depots around Europe for delivery within a few hours. It applies to everything from small condensing dryers to large industrial adsorption dehumidifiers that process 10,000 m3 air an hour, in other words most things that are required for drying water damage or for dehumidifying buildings. We can deliver directly to the site of the water damage.

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